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Finished Textures

Venetian Plaster:

Venetian plaster offers a unique and very distinct finish to your walls along with an ultra-smooth surface that is very low maintenance. This makes the walls especially easy to keep clean, a simple wipe with a damp cloth and you’re good to go!

If needed, even deeper scuffs can be cleaned with a piece of mineral wool.


This product has a semi shine when polished. Ready to use plaster. This finish becomes stronger with age, and is naturally anti-mould and mildew. Very high adhesion to substrates. Colour Select a standard colour from our colour chart or select a Ral or Pantone. Colour matching is available on request.

Marmorino Classico:

The Marmarino Classico echo’s the best of the past with a finish that replicates stones walls from traditional Venetian houses. This finish is perfect for a artisitic statement wall or for historical restorative walls.

The finish itself gets stronger with age and is naturally anti-mould and mildew.


Travertino is a decorative lime based plaster. This material is great to work with and delivers a variety of looks from slightly worn through porous, to smooth pitted or stone cladding-like finishes. This Italian style finish 



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