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Micro-cement, currently a global trending decorative material, is a micro-coating composed of  high-performance cement, mixed with polymers, ultra-fine aggregates, additives and natural colour pigments.
Microcemento® adheres to almost all surfaces. For this reason, it is commonly used to cover concrete, mortar, tile, plaster, cement, metal, stoneware, plasterboard or plastic, just to name a few materials. Its great finish, texture and versatility is why Microcemento® has become one of the preferred materials for interior designers.
In addition, because it is not necessary to remove the existing base material, there are considerable construction cost savings. The old material serves as a sub-base on which the Microcemento® is subsequently applied without problem, layer by layer until a thickness of between 2 and 3 mm is obtained.

Microcement is an ideal material for both exterior and interior surfaces; applicable in floors, walls, and ceilings… And the best thing is that it does not need joints! So, therefore, it makes cleaning and maintenance very easy.

We can offer you a wide range of possibilities and finishes, where the limitations are applied by you. It stamps your rooms with a unique and personal character, thanks to the different textures (thick, medium or fine), the great variety of colors and the different finishes (matte, satin or gloss), or metallic-effect and glazes. Its handcrafted application makes the result of each project more unique and special.



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We could not be happier with the finished look of the polished plaster! Tom was friendly and helpful from start to finish and delivered a high standard of work. Well done and we wish Grand Venetian Designs all the best

– Mary OToole

Quality work ethic with great attention to detail. We are delighted with the job carried out by Tom and would highly recommend Grand Venetian Designs. The finish is stunning and elegant.

– John McKenna

We recently completed a renovation in our home and opted for the venetian plaster finish. We are blown away with the look and would like to thank Grand Venetian Design on a job well done. 

– Anne McDonnell