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While there are many different types of plasters available for people to choose from, one of the lime plasters offering the most utility is Marmorino plaster. 

The best part about Marmorino plaster is that different techniques can be used in its application to give it a satin, glossy, matte, or stone finish as per your liking. The fact that it has the ability to have so many different appearances makes it a great choice for just about any interior or exterior surface.

Overview Marmorino Polished Plaster finish has a semi-shine offering a sense of depth with some natural shade variations whilst being serene to the touch. It is possible to achieve a finish with little or no background movements, creating a luxurious feel to any space. Recommended Use For high quality decoration on commercial and domestic buildings. This is suitable for internal use. Ingredients Aged finely filtered slaked lime putty and special marble powders, water and acrylic binder (less than 3% total in wet volume). Physical Characteristics This product has a semi shine when polished. Ready to use plaster. This finish becomes stronger with age, and is naturally anti-mould and mildew. Very high adhesion to substrates. Colour Select a standard colour from our colour chart or select a Ral or Pantone. Colour matching is available on request. Marmorino Veneziano is a type of plaster or stucco. Marmorino is well known as a classic Venetian plaster

 Marmorino has been used since Roman times to produce matte, glossy or even satin effect finishes.

Marmorino polished plaster finish has a semi-shine offering a sense of depth with some natural shade variations whilst being serene to the touch. It is possible to achieve a finish with little or no background movements. Creating a luxurious feel to any space.

Marmorino Fino is the ideal natural decorative Venetian plaster with fine marble grit if you’d like to create various textured and smooth finishes. The quality and richness of the lime enables you to easily apply it and do thin, but enduring decorative coats for external and internal surfaces.

You can create an amazing selection of Venetian plaster finishes with Marmorino Fino, from smooth traditional to dragged, pitted, stone and contemporary; also the natural decorative plaster of choice for polished concrete and cement look.

It’s high alkalinity will help you to create coatings with great resistance to mould and algea that naturally regulates the humidity in the area where its applied. The Venetian finishes created with Marmorino Fino are beautiful, durable and completely eco-friendly. Compared with other medium or large grain plasters and Marmorinos, this product is easy to apply, not just because of the fatness of the lime, but because of the nature of the natural binder(s).

You can change, age or refine the look of Marmorino Fino by using a colour wash like Samba or a metallic colour wash like Mineral or Tango on top, before any wax is applied.

Marmorino was applied on as much as 8 coats in ancient Rome. Nowadays Marmorino is still the most used Italian (or Venetian) decorative plaster, but the application beca




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We could not be happier with the finished look of the polished plaster! Tom was friendly and helpful from start to finish and delivered a high standard of work. Well done and we wish Grand Venetian Designs all the best

– Mary OToole

Quality work ethic with great attention to detail. We are delighted with the job carried out by Tom and would highly recommend Grand Venetian Designs. The finish is stunning and elegant.

– John McKenna

We recently completed a renovation in our home and opted for the venetian plaster finish. We are blown away with the look and would like to thank Grand Venetian Design on a job well done. 

– Anne McDonnell